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We Provide

Premium Quality, Hand made, Superb new products and competitive pricing creates customers who just want to eat ohmycake.in. Ohmycake.in services best hotels, restaurants, cafes, caterers, and other establishments where premium quality and fresh products counts. Ohmycake.in is not like any other, the quality is real. Ohmycake.in products are made of the finest and freshest ingredients including whole eggs, full cream unsalted butter, choice grade flour and fresh fruites. Machines cant make our products so we use people. Highly qualified pastry chef & bakers and fully trained support staffs all in a modern, purpose built kitchen. Our philosophy is simple- Be true the art! Ohmycake.in has grown over the years by remaining committed to our concept and passion. We will continue to hand make our products with pride! Combine this with impeccable service, product consistency and innovation in the marketplace.


All deliveries are made in state of the art temperature controlled premium bags driven by professional, careful& courteous riders. Ohmycake.in values safe driving.

Sales Support

For assistance in purchasing or promoting ohmycake.in products in your business. Please contact our sales department on 9020333333 for further support and assistance.